In the Summertime…

First week of June and I’ve managed to put in about 80km on the Bike.  Since my last post I’ve had one evening ride at Bedgebury which I managed to string out to 23km by doubling and trebling up some of the more enjoyable bits and I’m typing now just having got back from a 41km ride out to Pevensey.

Bedgebury Singletrack
I’d get lost if it weren’t for these signs (and the fact you can hear the A21 all the way round)

I found Bedgebury to be bone dry earlier this week, riding as well as it ever does.  I pushed myself quite hard and managed to record new personal best times on most of the sections, including a couple of the longer climbs, tho in most cases this meant just a second or two off here and there. As you can see below there are a few bluebells clinging on to life in the forest making the place fairly easy on the eye.

Bluebells, Bedgebury forest

I’ve been fiddling with the bike this week, put a wider tyre on the front as apparently this is A Good Idea according to the Internet.  Who am I to argue with with Internet ?  So I’m running a 2.35 Maxxis Ignitor at the front and a 2.1 Maxxis High Roller at the back now.  Wooo.  I’ve only ridden with this configuration on the road so I have no idea yet if it does help me ride faster round a berm or not.

Superstar Pedals. Cheap and pretty

I also got some shiny new Superstar Pedals today, they look lovely as you can see above, but more importantly they’re thinner and lighter than my old pedals while still providing a nice big platform for my large feet.  The lovely people at Superstar not only sent me the pedals (which is why I sent them £39) but also chucked in some snazzy stickers and a small packed of Haribo Tangfastics.  What lovely people.

I’ll be even nicer about them on this blog if they want to send me some new wheels for free too !

Fountains bexhill
Bike at rest on Bexhill Seafront

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