Back to Friston

Last year I think I managed one ride in February, one quick lap of Bedgebury on the 28th.  This February I’ve managed to ride just under 50 miles and put in nearly 1,400ft of climbing.  I felt quite lively on my last February ride of the year too, managing a personal best time on both of the big climbs at Friston as well as exploring even more new singletrack.

Friston trails
Vanishing point

Found some insanely jumpy-bermy-scary trails that I don’t have the means to do justice too, but also found some more wonderfully swoopy stuff. I think I first rode there in 2009 and every time I go back I find something new.  This may well be mostly because I’m unadventurous and too unfit to ride all day and find everything at once, but still, it’s always fun finding new stuff.  I’m still not sure of the “best” route round there to take in all the good bits in one “loop” but I’ll keep trying.

The conditions varied from unridable and awful to well-drained, firm and fast, just depended on where abouts the trail was.  Generally the lower down the valley, the better the trail was riding.  Found one trail (pictured) that was lined closely with pale trees that looked amazing, will look totally different again in the summer when there’s a thick canopy of leaves turning it into a tunnel.  Just have to hope for a long dry spring or summer to really get the best out of these trails.


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